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The Plookers - Das erste MalThe Plookers (1993–1997) were originally a chaotic party band around Martina Camenzind (voice, guitar) and LM (voice, guitar, bass), complemented with varying (non-) musicians playing drums, bass, horns, percussions, voices or keyboards. While practicing very scarcely, the genre of choice was schmuddelfunk. In the second half of 1995 the line-up stabilized for almost two years thanks to Dr. Gui (drums), Dr. Felice (bass guitar) and Anita (percussion). The self-produced CD hinted at the musical direction that the band might have taken in the future, however the February 1997 CD release party at Wasserwerk Bern turned out to be the last gig of the “electrified” Plookers…

The Plookers Unplooked 1994 At the same time Martina and LM performed as The Plookers Unplooked (1994–1999), playing an acoustic explosive mixture of German “schmuddelschlagers”, hip-hop and Frank Zappa songs (e.g. “Titties’n’Beer” in German!), as well as some own material, complemented with irritating travesty show blocks and occasional DJ entries, sometimes supported by the percussionist Anita.

MØPP Martina (guitar), Dr. Gui (drums) & LM (bass guitar) extended their “Martina & Øgl Punk Projekt” M.Ø.P.P. between 1997 and summer 1998. They worked hard on their new repertoire and played a couple of memorable and loud gigs, e.g. 1997 at the Anyone Can Play Guitar open air festival in Berne, Switzerland, adopting the motto “even Martina can play guitar”.

Dedicated to the biggest Plookers fan of all times, Klaus Horisberger, 1969–2004
The Plookers
Das erste Mal
CD 1997, 17 minutes

music & lyrics:
Lukas Machata
© 1997 Suisa

Martina Camenzind, Anita Staub, Dr. Gui Rath, Dr. Felice Hasler & LM
guest musicians: Simon Schüttel, Hannes Meier, Patrick Brütsch, Barbara Zbinden>, Boemle, Marco Morelli, Michi Staub

Hear! Hear!
The CD also contains the song “Chameleon Loop”, which is not available for free download!

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